How to Purchase the Perfect Bird Cage?

Birds are entertaining and having them in your home can be a lot of fun. A new family member always brings more responsibility, even if that new addition is a pet. You must provide the same healthy food that would be available in the wild to keep your feathery friend happy and well. Different species have different requirements, so it is wise to ask a breeder or avian veterinarian what your bird needs. In addition to food, your bird needs a shelter. A cage can provide the personal space needed, as long as it is clean, comfortable, and in good condition. There are some points to consider when purchasing a bird cage. These tips will help you find the right bird cage to make both you and your bird happy.

Why Do Birds Need a Cage?

Birds need cages because if they are left unattended they can get in trouble, cause damage, and get hurt. Bird-proofing involves removing or shielding everything your bird could possibly be hurt by or damage. It is nearly impossible to bird-proof a home enough to leave an un-caged bird alone. A cage is an excellent way to keep unattended birds safe. Sometimes birds are given a dedicated bird-proof room where they can fly free, but they still need a cage for times when the room must be opened or used for other purposes. Because smaller birds present a bigger challenge when bird-proofing, it is easier to get a large cage for them to live in. Small birds, such as finches and budgies, often spend their entire lives happily inside cages. Larger birds enjoy more interaction–playing with their owners and spending more time out of their cages. A large and active bird needs to experience a sense of freedom and should not be left in the cage all the time. In their natural habitat, they often fly long distances, so their personalities require that they do not feel overly confined. At times when your large bird wants a private place, especially at night, a cage is the perfect retreat.

What a Bird Cage Provides?

A clean, safe cage, with enough space to move around and have fun, is important for your bird. All birds require a cage big enough to walk, climb, and fly. Birds generally live much longer than other pets, so it is worth spending the money on a good cage for your bird’s home.

Size, Placement, and Style:

The criteria for a cage include the requirements of the species of bird, the number of birds it will hold, and the location where the cage is to be placed. There must be a good place to put it, and it is foolish to buy a wonderful cage that will not fit in its space. Birds should not be put in direct sun, drafts, or any area of temperature extremes. They also shouldn’t be put in the kitchen because birds are more sensitive to fumes and cleaning chemicals, which are very dangerous to them. The cage placement should be somewhere that the bird can socialize with people, but not in a place that is too busy. This will allow the bird to choose what it wants to do, whether it means being social and interacting or resting quietly. Living room corners are a favorable place. It is advised to get a bird cage that will fit in your chosen space and that you can afford. Contrary to the old cartoon character Tweety Bird, evidence shows that birds generally don’t like round cages. Rectangular cages are best. Ornately decorated cages made of wood or wicker should be avoided. Unpainted steel cages are better because they are more sanitary and sturdy. With any cage, make sure the bars are spaced closely enough to prevent escape or so your bird isn’t trapped between them. The cage should be easy to clean and maintain. A variety of perches gives birds a choice of location. Higher perches are favorites for sleeping because birds feel safer higher up. Nesting boxes are needed for some birds. All birds need drinking water, baths, food, and appropriate toys. To prevent contamination, don’t put water and food dishes under the perches. Make sure your bird has enough room to fly, even with the perches, bowls, and toys.

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